Wolves in Sheep's clothing
Hank Hanegraaff lawsuit
Hank Hanegraaff denounced
Hank Hanegraaff denounced page 2
New book about Hanky Panky Poo
C.I. Scofield - The Con-Man
C.I. Scofield - The Prophet of Perversion

Hal Lindsay - The Wolf?
Hal Lindsay - Did he author anything?
Martin Luther King Jr. - The Beast

Destructive customs and beliefs


Christmas - What you didn't know!?
Another good article on Christmas
Yet another good article on Christmas
more about Christmas
German origins of Christmas

About Easter
Kelly McGinley on Easter


Rapture cult links and more

What the rapture cult and the JWs have in common

SACRED NAME - The Yahweh Cult

Sacred Name of God? or Blasphemy

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