Listen to the Good News Blues

We play the good news blues here on Remnant Radio Network. It is the manager's favorite band.

Every song is good, and every one has a great message and lyrics.

Their original album, THE MESSAGE, can still be ordered from the band, and when the CDs AND cassettes are sold out they are gone, so get one now while they last. They are the same quality as you would normally find in a mass produced CD.

Here is the picture of the front cover and song titles.

Good News Blues Band
Diane Dennis
14317 Orlando Rd.
Nokesville, VA 20181

Their second album THE MOST HIGH, is just as good as the first, but was never mass produced so there are no copies available to purchase.

Bill Dennis has given the Pilgrim permission to place half of the songs here on this webpage, to be downloaded for free.

Here is the song list of THE MOST HIGH, those songs with an active link are downloadable, the others cannot be given away due to copyright restrictions.

1: Nobody But you
2: My Daddy Wrote Me A letter
3: Leave A Little Love Behind
4: Power In The Blood
5: Mighty Lord
6: John The Revelator
7: Callin' Jesus
8: Walk By Faith
9: The Most High
10: The Same Old Song And Dance
11: Judgment Day Blues
12: God's Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear