Love or Fear, Spirit or Soul?

Love casteth out all fear

In my recent encounter with the Yahweh cult, the Holy Spirit began opening up the understanding behind the motivating factors behind certain members of the cult. What the Holy Spirit revealed to me was nothing less than astounding. He showed me it was fear that was the primary force that started these people on a path of anger and hate.

We know in scripture that "perfect Love casteth out all fear" which automatically makes these two forces as opposites to one another. After that revelation I began to think about this some, and I believe what was revelated to me is very important to understand for God's remnant people.

If you have been born again by the Holy Spirit what is said in this article will make perfect sense and cause you to go further into God's Love, if your mind(heart) is not renewed by being born again, what is said here will probably cause you to be further possessed by fear, so if anger, or upset is already manifest in your heart I would suggest that you do not continue reading this article.

When you think about it, I think you will agree that the only time you have seen God's love manifested is through a Holy Spirit filled, born again vessel of clay that God has chosen to do his Holy work through. It does not come by learning, knowledge of the scriptures or any other way but a surrendered life.

Well then, with that we must explore these two forces, in order to analyze what spirit people are of when we meet them or have interaction with. Understanding polarization is an interesting subject, and this takes this study a little further. We already know that the darkness hates the Light, and there is emnity there, Good and evil is another term we hear, and I am sure there is more, but this is about Love and fear. These are all names and descriptions of attributes of God and Satan.

So if God is perfect Love, then we know that satan cannot have, possess, exhibit, or in anyway have anything to do with Love. Now we can see a phony or deceptive type of "love" that is used for the purpose of destruction, and this is the "love" that is commonly spoke of in the world today, this is Satan's artificial "love". This is not Love at all but actually is fear under a facade of love.

This brings us to the other side of the two poles. Satan is fear, and only Satan works with fear, God does not. This is why the scripture "perfect Love casteth out all fear". It could be written God defeats Satan", or Light displaces all darkness.

The nature of man has it that we cannot be our own master. We will be found on one side or another, we will either be found in Satan's camp, or in God's camp one or another, and we cannot be in both camps at the same time. Fence sitters are a different story(the lukewarm), and this is why Jesus said he would spew those out of his mouth, he said "I wished you would go to one side or another".

So then, if God's love is not manifest in a supposed "Christian", then what is the primary force behind this "Christian". Well, it is fear, plain and simple.

Either Love or fear will be in us, we cannot have both at the same time, either we will be in Light, or darkness, we cannot have both.

We cannot and do not receive God's love automatically, or naturally, no quite the opposite, we are born into a world of fear, and fear is taught us from the beginning, and we learn to operate quite comfortably in fear. It takes the renewing of our heart and mind through the Holy Spirit in order to change sides. We do not and cannot switch sides by mental learning, scripture reading or understanding, and most of all we cannot receive God's Love through mere beliefs in the mind.

The only way to receive God's love is by a complete surrender of one's life unto God, by voluntarily laying our life down on God's Holy altar for sacrifice and consumption. By losing our life unto death, he consumes our very being, and is able then to resurrect us in Holy Spirit power to receive his love, and then we are truly born again.

When we allow ourselves to be given to death in this way, we have given up all aspiration of worldly goals. Nothing of this earth matters anymore to us. When God then resurrects us, and we are born again, he then puts his aspirations within us, and his love becomes our primary motivation. It is then, and only then, that fear is cast out of our life which is of course synonymous with Satan.

The soul and the spirit

Here is further understanding of love and fear, and has to do with the relationship between the soul and the spirit.

The soul is our mind, it is our logical understanding of things, it is the way we reason things out. It is based on the five senses, and logical deduction. It also takes input from the spirit.

The spirit receives input from all things spiritual, but also receives from the mind.

Those who are truly born again, receive first through the spirit, this is where God's love is input to. Through the renewing of the heart or spirit, the mind is now able to receive new instruction on how to think, and if successful the mind will become subject to God's love, and will, with the spirit ALWAYS in control.

If we allow the mind to tell us that none of this makes sense, and that the spirit is wrong because it is now going against what the mind always knew is true, then we can allow the mind to shut the spirit off from it's control. This describes what has happened to 99% of "Christians" today, when God has renewed the heart of a person. The mind has taken back the controls and is now guiding the spirit instead of the other way around.

There are some, the 1% of the 1%, that not only were born again of the spirit, but also received the renewing of the mind, to the point where the mind is in subjection to the spirit. No longer is natural reasoning the guiding force of this "born again" person. Scriptural argument is no longer desired or necessary, and what is seen by the eye, and heard by the ear taken as absolute truth anymore, but instead the spirit is allowed to tell what is the truth, and what the reality of the matter really is.

I hope you are able to understand why God's love is a rare entity in the world today, and why it is not evident in the lives of today's "Christians". Instead almost all are still motivated by fear, still allow the mind to overrule the spirit, and why very few are, or remain "born again".

Now you are able to judge who are, and who are not, born again, simply by the love test. But of course one must have had the love of God even to understand or see it in the actions of another. If one has never been born again, then God's love remains foreign to them, and when manifest through a person, God's love will not be seen normally. However for those who are ready to receive God's love and be born again, they will see it, and will receive it.

If you have not been born again and received this great love of God, then you must, if you want to be delivered from the spirit of fear that now motivates you. As stated above, it requires a total surrender of your life to the King of Kings, which is Jesus Christ, the only WAY, the only TRUTH, and the only LIFE, and the only name given by which we can be BORN AGAIN, and return to the Father.

God bless you, and may he open your heart to receive him.