The Lucifer Project update 02-03-2010

They have extended the mission for a second time, dubbed the "solstice mission" The Cassini and probe will be in use until 2017. Quote from Universe today:
With the new 2011 NASA budget allowing for more space science activities, the space agency has extended the Cassini mission to explore Saturn and its moons to 2017. "This is a mission that never stops providing us surprising scientific results and showing us eye popping new vistas," said Jim Green, director of NASA's planetary science division. "The historic traveler's stunning discoveries and images have revolutionized our knowledge of Saturn and its moons." This is the second mission extension for Cassini, and the new "Solstice Mission" will allow scientists to study seasonal and other long-term weather changes on the planet and its moons.

The Cassini mission will get $60 million per year to continue its study of the Saturn system.

"The extension presents a unique opportunity to follow seasonal changes of an outer planet system all the way from its winter to its summer," said Bob Pappalardo, Cassini project scientist. "Some of Cassini's most exciting discoveries still lie ahead."

Cassini arrived just after Saturn's northern winter solstice, and this extension continues until a few months past northern summer solstice in May 2017. The northern summer solstice marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere.

"The spacecraft is doing remarkably well, even as we endure the expected effects of age after logging 2.6 billion miles on its odometer," said Bob Mitchell, Cassini program manager at JPL. "This extension is important because there is so much still to be learned at Saturn. The planet is full of secrets, and it doesn't give them up easily."

The Lucifer Project update 06-24-08

The story first became spread on the internet on 1-22-2005 of the plan by high level luciferians to make a second sun for our solar system. See the original article.
In 1984 the illuminati luciferian propaganda machine released a film to the public they named "2010". In this movie they told a story about how Jupiter becomes a second sun for our solar system, and the year this happens is of course 2010. Stanley Kubrick could not figure out how to use Saturn in the film for the movie, because he could not figure out how to make the rings of Saturn to be realistic looking, so Jupiter was chosen for the film, however Saturn is in the original script for the movie. In the original plan by NASA, this was going to occur in July of 2008, but on April 15, 2008 NASA made the announcement of a two year extension to the plan. See the news release.
The year for changing Saturn from a planet into a sun is now been changed to 2010. Is there any coincidence with the date from the movie? It seems so, the luciferian plan has apparently been 2010 for several decades now to accomplish this task of theirs.

In the original article there is a fairly well laid out set of reasons, but i will name a few right here:
1. The final heralding of the false messiah - the anti-Christ. This will be a "sign in the heavens" that will be spoken of, declaring the appearing of the messiah. Many, if not most "Christians" will see this as the second coming of Jesus Christ, and will be fooled into accepting this "man of sin" as the messiah. The people of other faiths will believe the same thing. Some might even see this as "The new heaven".
2. To terraform Titan. Titan is the largest of Saturn's moons, and the most earth like body in our solar system. It is believed that if Saturn could become a sun, it will make Titan fit for human habitation. This is a long time goal of the Luciferians to escape the bounds of the earth and find another dwelling place other than what the God of creation has made for us to live upon, thus becoming "The new earth".
3. The ultimate goal is the destruction of Earth. After the chosen few true worshippers of Satan have left earth to relocate to Titan, earth will be destroyed. Satan wishes for the complete destruction of earth in his final act of rebellion and hatred toward the God of creation. It is documented, and known that JPL who is really behind all of this, is the astrospace arm of the Luciferians, and that the space program is all about accomplishing a Satanic agenda. What is even the harshest of all, is that these few Luciferians plan on killing all of those who helped them do this, in their final religious ritual to Satan. The American public has been duped into supporting this cause since the beginning of the "space race". Now all of the billions of people who inhabit this planet have been brainwashed into getting behind and supporting this cause, not knowing the will be part of the final sacrifice.

This article only serves to expose their plans openly, even though they have cryptically already done so. What remains to be seen is if they will actually be allowed to accomplish this by God, or whether God will say ENOUGH!
I would like to be able to say i know the will of God concerning this, but i do not at this time know. They might be allowed to carry out this most evil of all plans.
I will update this article as more is revealed, and God willing. If you have another piece of the plan, let me know.