Chapter 9-11

By Paul Pilgrim 09-14-01

This is the most profound, and tragic event to befall our great country in my lifetime, and will forever change all of us in America, as well as many worldwide. Because of the great importance of this event, I felt it necessary to devote a page to this ongoing story of the attack on New York City and the Pentagon and the subsequent investigations, and retaliations that follow.
It is my goal here, not to re-hash all of the material that is commonly found on our TV news reports, but to perhaps dig a little deeper, and provide information that may not be so well known.

Did the USA intelligence agencies know about these attacks beforehand?
The news reports vary in the number of people they know are connected to this act of war. I have seen reported as many as one hundred that they believe were either trained for these missions or are connected in some way. I find it unbelievable that our intelligence agencies were completely blindsided by these events, and we will probably never know for sure. In the search for the truth of what happened, I will continue to offer items to think about and ponder, so that perhaps our outrage and anger can be directed in the proper places.

There have been many threats by the radical muslim factions to do harm to America and Americans on our own soil, there have been many warnings in prominent as well as obscure places to foretell of these events. No doubt you have already heard of the prominent warnings, so let me give you a couple of obscure examples.

Look at this album cover published in July 19, 2001, by the rap group COUP. This album cover shows the twin towers, with bomb detonations in about the same places where it really happened. This picture has been removed from all of the official websites concerning the group, as they will now be replacing the cover with a new one. Here is an official statement from the record company,

"From The Staff of 75ARK: The original cover artwork for the Coup album, Party Music, was created long before the tragic events of September 11. 75ARK respects our artists’ right for artistic freedom, but in this instance, we are all in agreement that a change is necessary.We are in the process of creating new artwork for the album. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone whom this tragedy has touched. The physical cover of the album has never been printed. The cover artwork exists mostly as a web image. We ask that all web supporters and fans of the Coup and 75ARK to discourage any further distribution of this image. We appreciate all your continued support during this indescribable time."

Here is a lyric of COUP from a past album: "'Time to get paid, Blow up like the World Trade'" OK ah hah...shut up!!!" It is obvious by not just this lyric, but by their lyrics in general, that this group advocates the downfall of America as it is today, and our way of life. Even the lead rapper describes himself as a communist. My question really is, is this really a prophetic message, or did they know something? The plans to do this dastardly act have been in the making since 1995 according to the media. If so, then perhaps these rappers had ties to the radical muslims to know about this.

Here is a CD by Squad Five-O called "Bombs over Broadway", it was released in 2000. The cover of the CD has a picture of three fighter planes over Manhattan, fire down below and the World Trade Center in the back drop!! And the song from the CD title "Bombs over Broadway" describes the events of Sept. 11, 2001, but of course it was recorded last year. Here is an exerpt of the lyrics:
"Bombs away, we never saw it coming...
No time to run, now its too late...
So long manhattan island...
Lights out, new york city...
You were the first, but you wont be the last."

UPDATE 05-19-05 The below link no longer works.

For a complete listening of this song on MP3
In the liner notes they say this about the song: "A song that symbolizes the rise and fall of mankind. Broadway-New York City is used metaphorically to symbolize the all encompassing pride of mankind. The song depicts man reveling in all his glory unaware of the end at hand. He has dodged the Y-2K bug and there is no limit to his power. It attempts to show that just when we think we have it all together it all falls apart. This runs parallel with the Biblical warnings that God will make foolishness out of mans wisdom. In other words, man is nothing without his Creator."
In this case I believe this group had no knowledge of the events that were to come, and the lyrics and album cover were purely coincidental. Never-the-less, this is so uncanny that it can give a person "the chills".

UPDATE 05-19-05

The above article was written three days after this tragic event by me. It is unaltered and is complete to show my thinking at the time. It was made public on a now defunct website at the time.

Of course now we know that the real perpetrators of this hideous crime, are much different than anything we were told at the time by the mainstream media, and the lies that continue to this day by the same controlled media.
Never-the-less, there is much symbology and telling of this event by many media sources much before this event happened. I have only supplied two examples, that are never talked about anymore, I actually had several more that I intended to add to this page, but can no longer find the info I once had.

UPDATE 06-28-05

Here are a couple more telling pictures that I have collected the last few years.
This is the cover from an official US publication, published before the event.

Here is the cover from a promotional brochure for the towers.

UPDATE 09-10-2013

9-11 in Hollywood

Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me;
Neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause.

--Psalms 35:19

There is an unwritten code, and perhaps a spiritual law that makes the sons of the devil tell us what they are going to do before they do it. After much observation through the years I began to realize one of the most important ways the tell us what they are going to do is through mass media. In particular through Hollywood movies. There are many movies with symbolism, plots, and plans that are to tell us of the things to come. For instance, most of the alien invasion movies are not about aliens from outer space, but tell a story of invasion from aliens right here on earth, an invasion that has already happened. Facts being stranger than the "fiction" itself, it is the story tellers themselves who are the aliens. Yes, they are telling a story about themselves. In the same way, we get other plots and schemes, and we can see how they have been telling us for years in advance about the twin tower destruction.

John Valentini, went about researching pre-9-11 movies for possible subliminals that were actually portending that infamous day of catastrophe. Currently John is receiving information from others who have also come upon 9-11 symbolism.

Why is this important?

Well, it might not be. But if you believe that the New World Order is, in fact, the prophesied Satanic takeover, then the NWO is a spiritual matter. In turn, if it is a spiritual matter, then you had better understand we are dealing with principalities of darkness and generational worshippers of Evil, who are, shall we say, no less than Knights in Service to Satan. So, if you feel the 9-11 numerology is deliberate, not coincidental, then knowing about this is important because it makes a statement about the perpetrators of 9-11: That they are nothing less than ritualistic serial killers. These Satanists do love their numerology and derive huge pleasure from the secret knowledge that the joke is on us--the useless feeders. That's what these 9-11 subliminals represent: occult high signs--a wink of the eye and nudge of the elbow--that they know something we don't. On September 11, 2001, these Satanists killed nearly 3000 people; and it may be that the plan was crafted at least as far back as 1990.

Daddy Bush, after serving as shadow President for the eight years of Ronnie Reagan's occupancy of the White House, no sooner stepped into the office of Chief Executive when he began spouting Theosophical clichés such as "a thousand points of light." Bush also began using the term "New World Order."

In Donald S. McAlvany's 1992 book, "Toward a New World Order: the Countdown to Armageddon," he writes: "George Bush and his government officials now refer to the New World Order one or more times in every speech he makes and has done so since the summer of 1990. Bush invoked the New World Order twice in his Helsinki summit address on September 9, 1990; four times in his address to Congress on September 11, 1990". Was Bush making the official pronouncement that a new epoch of evil had begun? Looking back on 9-11, perhaps there is no bigger in-your-face aspect than the one so huge that few can see it: Choosing the month's and day's numerals associated with the emergency number known as 911. The following gallery continues to expand. Are some of the appearances of 9-11 in films a coincidence. Are all of them a coincidence? Or are none of them a coincidence?

The following text and stills have been made by John Valentini, who gets full credit for the work:

Film: The Big Lebowski (1998)
Time: 00:02:59
Scene: Jeff Bridges writes a cheque at Ralphs store. The date on the cheque is September 11, 1991.
He looks up at the TV to see George HW Bush condemning Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.
Film: The Patriot (2000)
Time: (1) 00:03:25 (2) 00:03:59–00:04:33
Scene: (1) Mel Gibson weighs a chair he has made. He says "Nine pounds, eleven ounces. That’s perfect. Perfect."

Film: Gremlins (1984)
Time: 01:08:58
Scene: Zach Galligan gets into his Volkswagen Beetle with Gizmo and successfully starts the engine. He turns the radio on and the red dial is sitting between 9 and 11. Incidentally above the numbers it reads "Sapphire XI." Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for September and XI is the Roman numeral for 11, hence implying "September 11."
Film: Independence Day (1996)
Time: 00:45:33 (Special Edition) 00:41:22 (Theatrical Version)
Scene: As Air Force 1 evacuates the President and his family, Jeff Goldblum sets a laptop up to watch the countdown. When the camera cuts to a close-up one of the ticks is 00:09:11:01.
Film: Pearl Harbour (1999)
Time: 00:12:20
Scene: During the medical examination Kate Beckinsale asks Ben Affleck to read the bottom three lines and we see 911 vertically.
Film: The Peacemaker (1997)
Time: 01:28:42
Scene: George Clooney and Nicole Kidman are in pursuit of a Yugoslavian terrorist who disembarks at New York’s JFK Airport. Stepping off the escalator Clooney anxiously looks around and behind him are desks 9 and 11.
Film: Enemy of the State (1998)
Time: 01:28:06
Scene: Gene Hackman takes Will Smith to his compound from where they locate Jon Voight’s personal details on the computer. Gene Hackman states, "Reynolds, Thomas Brian. Born 9-11-40."
Film: The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Time: 00:53:20
Scene: Having accompanied Armin Mueller-Stahl to the Wilshire Grand, Craig Bierko trails Vincent D’Onofrio the bartender to a disused pool. Above the stairwell entrance is a clock whose hands point to 9 and 11, reading quarter to eleven. Yet when Bierko checked his watch previously it read quarter to midnight (00:51:28).
Film: Traffic (2000)
Time: 00:02:17
Scene: In the opening sequence a drug van is pulled over and seized. When the van's cargo door is raised, boxes are revealed that have 911 written on them.
Film: The Pelican Brief (1993)
Time: 00:41:22
Scene: Tony Goldwyn views video surveillance of Robert Culp and James Sikking discussing the Pelican Brief in the Oval Office. The time counter on the TV reads 09:11:44:01.
Film: Rugrats in Paris (2000)
Time: 00:02:22
Scene: Struggling to dance at a wedding ceremony Chuckie’s shoelaces get tangled. He counts along with the beat: "Nine, eleven, twenty…"
This cover graphic on a Federal Emergency Management Agency/Department of Justice manual, published before May 1998, was given to Al Cuppett, who shows it on his video: "Black Operations and Prophecy." The North Tower, on which the crosshairs are fixed, was the first tower hit. Film: Fight Club (1999)
Time: 02:10:29
Scene: In the final scene the Narrator (Edward Norton) and Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) stand at ‘Ground Zero’ (00:02:04) watching financial buildings implode and collapse before them.
Film: Die Hard (1988)
Time: 00:00:50–00:01:45
Scene: New York City Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) sits anxiously along side a Businessman (Robert Lesser) in a plane bound for Los Angeles. In an attempt to allay his fears about air travel the Businessman sparks off a conversation wherein each relates the amount of experience they have in their respective fields.

Dialogue: Businessman: You don’t like flying, do you?
John McClane: What gives you that idea?
Businessman: You want to know the secret to surviving air travel? After you get where you’re going, take off your shoes and your socks. Then you walk around on the rug barefoot and make fists with your toes.
John McClane: Fists with your toes?
Businessman: I know. I know. It sounds crazy. Trust me. I’ve been doing it for nine years. Yes, sir. Better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee.
John McClane: OK. [The plane stops. Passengers rise, start to take down overhead luggage. McClane does this, but as he opens the door above, the Businessman blanches seeing McClane’s Baretta Pistol peeking out from his jacket. Recognizing the look, McClane smiles reassuringly] It’s OK. I’m a cop. Trust me. I’ve been doing this for eleven years.
Film: Armageddon (1998)
Time: 00:58:40
Scene: As Launch Day arrives for the crew of Freedom and Independence the countdown at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida visibly reads 09 minutes 11 seconds. In addition prior to the meteor shower striking New York a taxi driver wryly explains to his Asian passengers the reason for the traffic jam: “Anything could have happened. Look at that. Uh, let’s see. It could have been a terrorist bomb" (00:06:55). When the meteor fragments hit he exclaims "Oh, we're at war! (00:07:52) Saddam Hussein is bombin’ us!’ (0:07:56). The aftermath depicts the World Trade Center heavily damaged and smouldering (00:09:20).
Film: The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
Time: 01:22:52-01:24:18
Scene: Samantha Caine (Geena Davis) attempts to rescue her daughter with aid from private detective Mitch Hennessey (Samuel L Jackson). Perkins (Patrick Malahide) captures them and subsequently explains the purpose of ‘Operation Honeymoon’.


Perkins: I’m going to miss you Major. You ought really to have stayed dead. You don’t know the rules of the game anymore.
Samantha Caine: Tell me about it. Eight years ago, this guy was on the hit list.
Perkins: Budget cuts, dear. Congress blinded us overseas. I was forced to turn to any eyes and ears I could find, even if that meant recruiting the ‘bad guys’ here.
Samantha Caine: Budget cuts—is that what this is about? Operation Honeymoon…Fuck me! You’re running a fund-raiser.
Mitch Hennessey: Fund-raiser?
Perkins: 1993…World Trade Center bombing, remember? During the trial, one of the bombers claimed the CIA had advance knowledge. [Chuckling] The diplomat who issued the terrorists’ visa was CIA. It’s not unthinkable they paved the way for the bombing, purely to justify a budget increase.
Mitch Hennessey: You’re telling me you’re going to fake some terrorist thing just to scare some money out of Congress?
Perkins: Unfortunately, Mr Hennessey, I have no idea how to fake killing 4,000 people, so we’re just going to have to do it for real. Blame it on the Muslims, naturally. Then I get my funding. Goodnight, old girl. Timothy I’ll be in chopper one.

"On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, 1955
Page: p. 108 in the "Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century" edition, 1999.
"When daybreak came we were zooming through New Jersey with the great cloud of Metropolitan New York rising before us in the snowy distance. Dean had a sweater wrapped around his ears to keep warm. He said we were a band of Arabs coming to blow up New York."

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