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Nuclear Dreams

Pilgrim's dreams from 9-10th month 1997
I had these dreams all within one week's time. Not only did i have these drams but so did my wife and son have one nuclear dream each during the same week.

1st dream. The setting - daytime, downtown Las Vegas, Nevada - Stratosphere tower.
I was viewing the sky from about a mile or two away from the tower, when i saw this ominous cloud approaching toward the tower. The cloud looked like a big sandstone rock with layers or strata within the rock. As it positioned over the tower, a big chunk fell off of the rock cloud and leveled the tower. No other building, or anything else appeared to be damaged. A panic ensued in Las Vegas and a mass exodus began, people leaving any way they could.
Next day i decided to leave also, and i was on a bus heading out of town, when i picked up a newspaper. The paper said that it was a nuclear bomb that had leveled the tower, and everyone on the bus was also talking about the nuclear bomb. I spoke up and told them it was not a bomb, but it was a rock cloud that was responsible. Nobody believed me, and they kept on talking about the bomb.

2nd dream. Setting - night time, about 20-30 miles north of Las Vegas in the desert near the Nellis AFB range
I was in a house with my family, there were no near neighbors, no other houses in sight. We had a swimming pool under a covered large patio. Fireballs between the size of golf balls and softballs were raining down on the desert for as far as we could see. The fireballs were destroying everything, burning everything except our house. Once in while a fireball would come rolling in the house or near the pool, i would quickly collect the ball before it started a fire and quenched it in the pool.
I looked down the dirt road to our house and i could see headlights approaching in the distance through the smoke and flames. The car barely made it to our house, and a family rushed out of their car to our house where we took them in. Their clothes were charred and nearly burned off of all of them, they barely escaped death. We were sure that nearly everybody perished for miles, and possibly all of Las Vegas.

3rd dream. Setting - daytime, south end of Las Vegas.
I was in a motel room on the second floor with my family, and another family that we knew then, and are still friends today. All of the windows were covered with blackout curtains. A bright flash so bright it lit the room up like daylight through the cracks of the door and through the gaps between the curtains and windows. It startled everybody, and the man from the other family wanted to open the door to see what happened. I grabbed him and said no, and told everybody to get to the far side of the room away from the outside wall, and try to find cover. There was a huge sound, and a fast hot wind started whisling through the door cracks, enough so we thought the windows would break.

We then understood that this was nuclear bomb that had gone off. We estimated that it was probably near downtown about 5-10 miles away. The building we were in survived and so did our truck parked outside. As soon as the nuclear hot wind slowed down, we immediately packed up the truck with everything we had and headed south to Arizona before the roads and highways were jammed with panic.

Pilgrim's dream 10th month 2009 - Setting - Starting in Las Vegas, Nevada.
My family and i were outside when i noticed something that provoked a response from me. I threw a rod into the air, knewing this rod was to start a chain reaction that would end in a nuclear event.
I said to everyone, we must leave and head south to Arizona immediately. We did, and in the next scene we were near Phoenix Arizona. We saw the bright flash of light in the sky, and i immediately started counting seconds. Then a slight shock wave came over us, just enough to rustle our clothes a little. I figured out the distance from the number of seconds i counted, and i told everyone that it came from the north about 200 miles north of Las Vegas, and i said in or near Utah. In my mind i was thinking just west of St. George Utah, but St. George is much less than 200 miles from Las Vegas.